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Becoming a member of the CGA is an exciting step towards committing your arts practice to being ecologically responsible. Our membership allows theatres and arts workers to deepen their understanding of the intersection between arts and climate, access members only resources like our Sustainable Theatre Guidebook, and grow their voice within the CGA.


Our Membership is Free

The CGA’s community membership is open sourced, and free of charge, making it possible for all arts workers to access the full extent of our resources. The application process allows us to retain a committed and engaged community around this work, while keeping members connected to new content, courses, workshops and resources. Whether you’re an organization or an individual, the CGA’s membership can help you with your goals. Learn more about our membership and apply below.

Become a member

Theatre Organizations

We understand the immense time constraints, budgetary restrictions and stress level that most theatres are working under to produce their seasons. Oftentimes, taking on important improvements can feel daunting, and you may not always know where to begin. The CGA is enthusiastic about making the transition to climate crisis conscious theatre easy, time effective and accessible.

We have developed the Sustainable Theatre Guidebook which is a collection of best practices authored by experts across the country, to guide arts organizations to making better choices onstage and off. This guidebook is only available to members of the CGA and covers every step from the first production meeting to the final tear down. Contributing authors include Ian Garrett, Emma Stenning, Kevin Matthew Wong and many more.

Along with the Guidebook, theatres receive consultation from the CGA to help them implement these best practices, a community of fellow members to communicate with, and the joy of being able to tell your theatre’s community that you are putting people and planet first.

Art's Workers

Individual arts worker members will gain access to members only resources, The Sustainable Theatre Guidebook and priority registration to all CGA events, seminars, courses and workshops.

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The CGA offers memberships to both arts organizations looking for guidance on how to incorporate sustainability into their theatres, and individual arts workers looking to greenify their practice.

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